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Synduality: Noir

Synduality: Noir

-ADVERTISEMENT- The year is 2242. Humanity was forced to seek refuge deep underground due to the unprecedented calamity known as the "Tears of the New Moon," but following the collapse of the underground city-state of "Amasia," they begun to venture back towards the surface with hope of living there once more. Forming settlements called "Nests" scattered across the surface, adventurers known as "Drifters" continues to battle the lingering threat of the "Enders" and mine the "AO Crystals" which are an essential energy resource necessary for the operation of the nests. In the nest "Rock Town" where such Drifters gather, one wishing to become such a Drifter one day, "Kanata," alongside the skilled Drifter "Tokio," went to explore the ruins of an old museum where Kanata happens to discover a very beautiful sleeping "Magus." With the encounter of the mysterious Magus "Noir," a tale of destiny is slowly beginning to unfold.
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